Our facility
    Jai Rani is well equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Excellence has always been the hallmark of Jai Rani in all its activities and endeavors. The campus, spacious grounds, buildings, class rooms, labs, AV rooms, libraries, conference halls, auditoriums etc. have been set up in such a manner to provide the best facilities to mould future citizens. The infrastructure of Jai Rani Public School has

       1.   Its own waste treatment plants
       2.   Multipurpose outdoor courts
       3.   Multipurpose auditoriums
       4.   Smart class rooms
       5.   Well equipped computer and subjects labs
       6.   Audio visual rooms and fully equipped conference hall
       7.   Separate rooms for training the students in dance, music and arts
       8.   Boarding facilities for girls
       9.   Prayer halls
       10.   Printing rooms
       11.   Good transport facilities
    We are proud to announce that every class room is now equipped with a smart interactive board and overhead projector. Smart class brings in technology to the class rooms where the blackboard and the chalk give way to whiteboard and stylus (an electronic pen that works with the help of ultra-violet rays). Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching the visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students. It also enables the teachers an instant assessment and evaluation of the learning achieved by their students in the class itself with an innovative assessment technology – smart assessment system.
    The school has well equipped laboratories for all science subjects, Mathematics and English. The Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs have most modern equipments to give practical experience to the theory which is taught. Mathematics lab helps them for an easy learning of a comparatively tough subject.
    The school has two well equipped Computer labs with Local Area Network. Each student gets individual terminals for hands-on training. Internet facility is also provided on all terminals. All staff rooms are equipped with multimedia systems where teachers prepare worksheets and other teaching materials.
    Audiovisual room is fully air conditioned with good acoustics enabling the conduct of meetings and presentations. It also serves the purpose of a mini theatre. It can accommodate nearly a hundred students. Career guidance classes, value education classes, various awareness programmes for students, refresher courses for teachers, orientation classes, seminars, monthly meeting of staff members etc are conducted in the AV room. Students make their own power point presentations on a given subject and they present it in the audio-visual room. The best presentations are rewarded. The AV room is always lively and is an integral part of the life in Jairani.
    The school has excellent library facilities in the campuses with more than 17000 books, many periodicals, magazines and journals both Indian and foreign. It is equipped with computerized database enabling the students to have quick access to the necessary books. The digital library has CD ROMs covering diverse subjects in the curriculum. The library is open on all working days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    In our school maximum importance is given for sports and co-curricular activities. We have spacious play grounds, basketball court, badminton court and facilities for indoor games and athletics. Interschool matches are conducted periodically. Under co-curricular activities we train students in karate, skating, dance, music, embroidery, tabala, guitar, knitting, drawing, painting, flower making, beads work, drums, yoga etc. It is compulsory for every student to join at leastin any one of the above activities.
    The School has several buses which are made available to the students for commuting from various places.
    There is a Hostel attached to the school with limited number of seats for girls.it is located within the school campus. For admission to hostel separate application should be given.
    For the whole round development of the students we have many clubs functioning in our school. The important clubs in our school are.

       1.   SCIENCE CLUB - To create curiosity, critical thinking and creative awareness.
       2.   HERITAGE CLUB – To create awareness about our rich cultural past and the importance of preserving heritage.
       3.   IT CLUB –Trains the children in various computer programming.
       4.   DISASTER MANAGEMENT CLUB – To train the students to face emergency situations during a disaster.
       5.   COOKING CLUB – To create interest among students in cooking various dishes.
       6.   SOCIAL AWARENESS CLUB – To make the students to be vigilant and to be aware of the changes and happenings in
       7.   NATURE CLUB – To train the children to love nature and to lead a life in harmony with our environment.
       8.   ENGLISH CLUB – To raise the standard of English of our students to international standard.
       9.   MEDIA CLUB – Trains students in documentary film making, reporting news etc.
       10.   SPIRITUAL CLUB – Aims at the spiritual development of children.
       11.   VOLUNTARY CLUB – Aims to develop the service mentality of children.
       12.  Health Club – To understand the importance of health and the ways to maintain it.

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