Rules and regulations
  • 1. On all working days and for all functions pupils should wear school uniform
  • 2. Personal cleanness and tidiness are expected from all. Pupils shall not throw bits of papers in the school premises. Scribbling on walls doors and windows is strictly prohibited. Spitting and washing through the window is forbidden.
  • 3. Pupils shall observe punctuality and will be present in school throughout the school hours.
  • 4. Pupils shall maintain clean and neat books. They are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings.
  • 5. Pupils shall come prepared for class assignments.
  • 6. Pupils shall guard school property as their own.
  • 7. Pupils shall observe reasonable silence.
  • 8. Pupils shall follow the instructions given by teachers.
  • 9. Every student should bring the school dairy to the class daily.
  • 10. Pupils shall be self-disciplined, well behaved, obedient, regular and courteous in school as well as outside.
  • 11. Pupils are not allowed to enter other classes without permission.
  • 12. Playing, making noise and such other activities in and outside the class rooms which disturb other class are strictly prohibited during class hours.
  • 13. Everyone should attend the morning assembly. Their movement from the class to the assembly and back should be in an orderly manner. Pupils should move silently but smartly in single line under the guidance of the class teacher or class leader. Exemption from attending the morning assembly if necessary should be obtained from the Class Teacher.
  • 14. Pupils are not allowed to use Gold ornaments.
  • 15. Parents are requested not to enter the class room or to speak to the teachers during the class time. Parents who seek information or who wish to make any complaints should do so to the principal and not to the teachers.
  • 16. During the school hours no student is allowed to leave the school premises without the permission of the principal.
  • 17. Any break of the above regulation will be viewed seriously and action will be taken against the law breakers.

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